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Coulter On Republicans Who Vote For Immigration Reform: "Punish Them, Voters"

SEAN HANNITY: You know what I don't understand here? It's like Republicans are suckers and I don't trust the government. Every time there is a talk of a tax increase and spending cuts, we get the tax increase, we never get the spending cuts. You always get the amnesty, never the border control.

ANN COULTER: Yeah, that's why the patriotic House members position has got to be until the Senate is in Republican hands -- preferably Rubio-free, sorry -- we're not going to pass a bill that mentions immigration. And you should know that John Boehner secretly wants to pass amnesty because his idiot consultants are telling him, 'Oh, it's going to be a great boon for Republicans, having 30 million voters who will never vote for a Republican.'

But they need fig leafs, like this amendment in the Senate today. It's an utter fig leaf to pretend like this is going to secure the border. What, one border agent every 1,000 yards? All this is, is more government workers, more pensions. It doesn't shore up the border. It's a fig leaf to allow Republicans who want amnesty but don't want their voters to punish them. Punish them, voters. (Hannity, June 20, 2013)

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