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Begala: "I Hope And Pray" Hillary Clinton Runs For President

TUCKER CARLSON: Do you believe that she will run for president in the next cycle, and do you think she should?

PAUL BEGALA: Do I think she should? Absolutely. I work backwards and say would she be a good and president? And the answer is no, she would be a great president. Well, obviously, you agree, I know. It's so interesting now that we have moved toward some potential mythical one-day hypothetical Hillary candidacy, all the right-wingers, who like five minutes ago were kissing her butt, now they're all saying she is evil. That is a sign that you guys are afraid.

So I hope she does. I have no idea if she will. I have no idea. I think she's actually, first, going to live a life, write her book, reacquaint herself with the real world, having been traveling the world. But I think this is really -- no, not get a face lift, she's not a Republican society lady, she is a real woman. But what she will do, is go around in a non-governmental capacity trying to empower women because where women are empowered, the whole society does better, the economy does better, the civil society does better. Oh, it is absolutely true. I think she is a global force for good, and I hope and pray that she runs for president .

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