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Krauthammer: Americans Will Realize Admin. Is "Acting In Bad Faith And Deliberately Making Things Really Bad"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: A lot of people disagree on what to do about the 11 million illegal aliens in the country, but I don't think anybody wants to empty the prisons of people who jumped the border and are being held. We don't really know how they're going to act. I think it's laughable to assume they are going to show up under this alternate status, you know, and act like good citizens. Here are people who on multiple occasions have cross the border. Which means every time they are deported across into Mexico, they try it again and now that they are in the U.S. and released, the idea is they are going to show up and allow themselves to be rearrested, I think that is highly unlikely. But I think the major issue here isn't only will there be a lot of pain and disruption, but what will be the reaction of the American people?

My argument would be that people have a sense that the government is immensely wasteful, that they've heard of the GAO conference in Vegas, where you have a guy in the hot tub and the martini. They have an instinctive knowledge of what happens when you go to get your driver's license. It isn't as if everybody is acting snappily as in Jiffy Lube, it's a whole different proposition. People have a notion that if you're closing essential services there has got to be a lot of bad faith in that, in that you are deliberately doing that, whereas you've had a lot of choices. So, I'm not sure it will translate immediately against the Republicans. I think it could redound against the administration if people imagine, as in this case, that they could be acting in bad faith and deliberately making things really bad. (Special Report, February 27, 2013)

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