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Limbaugh: "The Obamas Got Snubbed At The Academy Awards"

RUSH LIMBAUGH: You know, a lot of people are saying that Michelle Obama hijacked the Academy Awards last night. That shock surprise being introduced at the end of the show by Jack Nicholson to announce the best movie of the year. I think they had to throw her a crumb. I think they had to throw the Obamas a crumb because I think, in truth, folks, the Obamas got snubbed at the Academy Awards last night. Not only did his campaign ad, Zero Dark Thirty, not win, but his semi-autobiography lost out, too, Lincoln. So Obama was 0-for-2 last night and the Academy woulda known this in advance.


RUSH: So they threw him a crumb and they let Michelle out there. You know what that reminded of? I'm gonna tell you something, folks, honest to God, now, and I don't know how many of you are gonna remember this. The 1984 Super Bowl, Apple Computer ran what may be -- and you can't find this ad on the Internet, I'm told. I'm sure somebody's got it. If we can find a link to it, we will. Maybe, if not the best, one of the most impactful Super Bowl ads ever called 1984. This was the year that Apple introduced the Macintosh computer. And this ad, black and white ad, featured a Dear Leader in front of robotic people on a giant screen in a big room with a single revolutionary person running through the crowd, throwing some kind of weapon at the screen and obliterating Dear Leader, and it ends with "Think different."

When I saw Moochelle Obama on that giant screen, I mean, she dwarfed Nicholson. If you look at that, if you saw it, that screen on that stage, Moochelle and the military people, gosh, they weren't even referenced, those military people. I don't know what that was. Was it a cocktail party? I think they were props. Anyway, she looked bigger than life. I mean, she looked like anybody would have, don't misunderstand, but just one bite and swallow that whole room, that's how big. The optics, of course, are what matters. And I thought of 1984, the Macintosh ad from the Super Bowl in 1984, exact type of scenario, except Michelle Obama was actually the Dear Leader of this, obviously a totalitarian state. And the Dear Leader was making some giant speech and fist pounding and robotic citizens were sitting there nodding, everybody in total agreement, and a lone person runs down the center aisle and obliterates and destroys the screen.

Now, a lot of people -- I have e-mails and of course I check Twitter -- think that this was a giant propaganda effort by the White House to put Moochelle up there either to have an optic for low-information voters who watch this event last night set up the 2014 Olympics. Some people are even telling me that this was the opening salvo of a Michelle Obama for president effort. I don't think that's what was going on at all. I really don't. I have done exhaustive research into this, and I have also spoken to people who know. Well, I didn't check Twitter. People who check Twitter tell me what they found. I didn't check Twitter. I can't figure Twitter out when I go there. The way Twitter is formatted, I can't tell who is saying something and who's replying to something. I still can't figure it out. I don't know who the tweeter is and who's responding to the twit... uh, tweet. I have no idea. And folks, that's embarrassing because I'm a power user of this stuff.

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