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George Will: Sequester Numbers Are Wrong

GEORGE WILL: The $85 billion number itself is the wrong number, that's budget authority. The CBO says, Congressional Budget Office, says actual spending cut would be $44 billion in this fiscal year, that's less congress shoveled out the door ostensibly to help the victims of superstorm Sandy, but actually to get around the appropriations process.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: But, George, it is on top of a billion-and-a-half dollars in cuts that have come over the last year-and-half.

WILL: Trillion.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Trillion. Excuse me.

WILL: Well, still, let's look at this. Because we're being told by the president that these are severe, brutal, eviscerating, meat cleaver, those are all his words, approaches. 2.4 percent of spending, one half percent of GDP, about half of what we spent bailing out AIG. The domestic agencies that would receive on average a 5 percent cut, received from Mr. Obama in the last five years, 17 percent increases. So the president's position has to be, the logic of it is, the government right now is the minimal government that spends between us and misery and chaos.

(h/t National Review)

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