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FNC's Political Insiders On Sequestration: GOP "In Full Surrender Mode"

FNC's political insiders Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen discuss the sequester and the GOP's search for unity and a political message. Fellow insider fmr. Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-NY) is out sick with the flu this week. (via Johnny Dollar)

PAT CADDELL: They (Republicans) are just in full surrender mode. I don't know whether you want to compare them to the Italian Army or the French Army. These people don't know how to fight and first of all, you fight for something you believe in. They have had no narrative about them, what they feel -- which I think as a party they feel -- about where the country is headed economically in terms of the deficit.

They don't talk about what I just said in the last segment about the problems of ordinary people, with food inflation, gas prices -- they never talk about ordinary people. Neither does the president. The president attacks the rich and they fall into this … he is so disingenuous because he keeps saying over and over what he knows is not true. But it's working and that's what he wants.

The Republican party problem is, like I said at the beginning, they don't know how to fight and they don't want to learn how to fight. And if they keep this up, they are going to lose to a president who is not that greatly popular. Remember one thing, part of their problem is that they're also fighting the media. The media is in the bag. The president can get away with what he's saying about sequestration only because the media still believes their job is to take care of him and none of the people in Washington, the entire political class, give a damn what happens to America. They care about their own politics and the media gratification politically.

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