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Gutfeld & McGuirk On If Parents Are Worse Today Than 25 Years Ago

Bill O'Reilly: It's estimated that 700,000 American children are abused each year, raising the question of whether parents are getting worse. The Factor invited Bernard McGuirk and Greg Gutfeld to opine. "I think we're going to hell in a courtroom," Gutfeld said. "We're living in a relativistic society where distinguishing between right and wrong is seen as 'mean,' which is why you don't spank your kids, you can't punish them. The nuclear family is now seen as the nuclear option - it's no longer seen as something great or grand." McGuirk also lamented the overall decline of civility and standards. "It's obvious that we're living in a stupid, hedonistic, narcissistic, selfish, immediate-gratification kind of society, and the entertainment and dopey reality shows perpetuate all these trends. Parents now want to be friends with their kids, they don't want to discipline their kids."

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