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Krauthammer: Obama "Doesn't Think That Deficits Are A Problem"

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: The fundamental issues is we have a president, who has created the largest deficits in the history of the Milky Way and he doesn't think that deficits are a problem. He's not interested in cutting a penny. He thinks that we need more stimulus now.

He has this idea, 'Oh, yes, in the long run we'll cut down our deficit.' He said that in year one, in year two, in year three, we're now in the fifth year and he'll be saying it in the eighth year of his presidency. He doesn't think it's an issue, or he thinks he'll leave it and his successors will deal with it like Louis XV. And, you know, his successors will be Republicans, it will be on their heads.

But that's why all of this is happening. That's why we have the crisis in 2011, why we had a crisis with the fiscal cliff and Republicans, who control a single house of the Congress, who have a beachhead in Normandy that's like a mile long with Germans all around them, are hanging on there. And all that they can do is either hold the line or, on the sequester, they're one shot at actually enforcing a relatively small, very small cut in something and they aren't going to let go. That's why we have the problem.

The Republicans are looking at a country heading over a cliff, where the Greeks are today, a president whose completely oblivious, who for some reason doesn't care or believe in it, and they are trying to do something to get a cut. Otherwise, there will be none and it will be nothing but expansion, and as you say, it isn't even a real cut. It's a cut in the rate of growth. It is exasperating. If you're an outsider and you see America with $16 trillion worth of debt, Obama has already added 5 of those trillion, he's going to add another 6 in the second term and he doesn't care. That's why we're having the problem, why we're going to have it again on the C.R., why we're going to have it again on the debt ceiling. Have a nice day. (Special Report Online, February 20, 2013)

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