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Krauthammer: Not "Dishonorable Or Cowardly" For GOP Governors To Embrace Obamacare

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: First of all, Medicare is today looking after the poor. What Obamacare is doing is a huge expansion of it as a way to absorb people who aren't poor but above the line as a way to essentially have national coverage, almost universal coverage. You can argue yes or no on that, but that is what is being done. I think as a Republican conservative, who opposed Obamacare taking if as a governor, I think you can act honorably either way.

You can oppose it and have opposed it all the way and then say well, 'You lost the fight. It's the law of the land.' It passed in Congress and got signature of the president, who is approved by the Supreme Court and when the president ran for re-election against somebody who would abolish it, the president wins. That is a pretty strong endorsement of this however much you may not like it. And the fact is that now that it exists as the person who is responsible for the waste of welfare of the people in your state, what do you do? I think it's honorable to say 'I will take money, because people of my state are paying in federal taxes are subsidizing people in other states.' Or you can argue the other way and say 'I still want to keep up with the fight. You know, if enough states stay out, it will collapse.' I'm not sure that it's a real prospect. But I don't think either position is dishonorable or cowardly.

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