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Tucker Carlson: "Losers" In Media Getting Upset Over Coverage Of Obama Are "Hypocrites"

Tucker Carlson, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller, railed against the media on today's Special Report Online, which takes place right after the Wednesday broadcast of the program on FOX News Channel.

Carlson was opining on the media's gripe that they weren't allowed access to President Obama during his golf match with Tiger Woods last weekend. Carlson blasted the media as "hypocrites" and "losers" because of the wrath he received after Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro interrupted President Obama at a press conference he held last summer.

TUCKER CARLSON: The president has done over 500 interviews since he's been president, but the strong majority have been with fanzines like Rolling Stone or Us Weekly.

Reporters don't really want to say that this isn't really an interview, it's a puffball suck up session because they don't want to appear snobbish. But they're frustrated with that. They're also, by the way, hypocrites. So you heard them say -- these last two days -- that the president has very few availabilities where we can ask unscripted questions. Well, one of my reporters actually did that, asked an unscripted question. He was just savaged by his so-called colleagues, these quislings and losers in the White House Press Corps. And they really are losers, a lot of them. I know them all, and a lot of them really couldn't have honest employment in a real job so they wind up there and they attack my guy. No, I'm serious. They attack my guy like this is the most outrageous thing they've ever seen. 'He was rude!'

I mean, you can't imagine the number of phone calls I got from former friends of mine yelling at me about my reporters' bad manners, as if I'm supposed to hire based on people's table manners or something. Of course he's rude. He's a reporter, you're supposed to be rude. What do you expect?

A.B. STODDARD: I think that they should not be blamed when they ask an unscripted question.

CARLSON: Of course they shouldn't! They're toadies. And they're mad because my guy wasn't toeing some liberal line. They attack him, it's true.

STODDARD: They're not all toadies.

CARLSON: Well, Jonathan Alter, I'll use a name, he attacked me outside a restaurant at the Democratic convention. [He] screamed at me because [my] reporter, he was rude to the president of the Untied States like that was the worst offense you could commit. I said he's not a wine steward, he's a reporter. He can be rude if he wants.

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