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Gutfeld To Chuck Todd: Denying Media Bias Is "Like Denying Science"

GREG GUTFELD: Nice goatee. Okay, look — denying the media bias at this point has to be like denying science. You’re worse than a flat-earther — you’re a no-earther. Because if you don’t believe in media bias, what else do you believe in? That men once rode dinosaurs? That Bill Maher is edgy? In order to deny media bias, you got to deny studies of voting practices of journalists, which reveal liberal purity; the frothy leftism of the journalistic launching pad that is the leafy campus; the scandals where journalists conspired to smear righties as racist; that journalistic whistle-blowing is always left on right and it’s never the reverse (see Benghazi, as opposed to [Valerie] Plame); the threesome that occurs whenever a lefty shows up on 60 Minutes. (via Jeff Poor/Daily Caller)

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