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FNC's Political Insiders On Benghazi & More: Obama "Tearing The Country Apart"

Doug Schoen, Pat Caddell and fmr. Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-NY) discuss Benghazi, Hagel & Brennan confirmations, Obama's State of the Union, immigration, spending cuts, the sequestration and more. (via Johnny Dollar)

PAT CADDELL on President Obama's statement on Benghazi: "That was a stunning statement, though. That was a president saying, 'I've never quite seen it.' … It reminds me of Nixon and Watergate. Something is going on here. When John McCain used the word coverup today. Bob Woodward was on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace today and he said a lot of these are legitimate questions. But, you know, no one has seen the notes in Congress from the evacuees, were they interviewed by the FBI? No one has seen that. We don't know what the president was doing, we said this before. There are four dead Americans, and what's happening is it's getting more and more of the case this thing is developing, it's metastasizing."

DOUG SCHOEN: Here is what he is trying to do. He is trying to dismiss the whole question, and you're exactly right, Kelly, four dead Americans. we don't know, as Pat and John were suggesting, what happened that night, who did the president talk to? We doesn't know. But he is trying to dismiss it out of hand, turn it into partisanship because the questions aren't answered. The Republicans, by contrast, are trying to keep it alive, as they should, because (a), they're legitimate questions; and (b), it puts people like Hagel and Brennan and even Jack Lew, it was raised in his hearing, under the microscope.

CADDELL: The country has a right to know. It's not just the fact that they made up this lying narrative that they did, which was a lie, which was totally invented. Which we understand why for the campaign and Romney let him get away with it, that is Romney's fault. But, four dead Americans and we don't know what happened and it is clear the president was absent.

As I said last week, I worked for a president in the middle of a hostage crisis and it consumed him every single minute of every day.


CADDELL: The man who was going to unite the America, there's no red America, blue America -- this man has, as Doug and I have written last year, early on, is the most divisive president in our lifetime. He is tearing the country apart.

SCHOEN: He speaks of bipartisanship but offers no policies that offer any hope of achieving bipartisanship. And bottom line, he is doing nothing more than trying to eliminate the Republican party.

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