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McConnell: Will Obama Have A Serious Plan Or Another Campaign Speech?

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today regarding the need for the President to address the consequences of Obamacare and make the case for spending cuts in his State of the Union address tonight:

“Tonight, we’ll welcome the President to the Capitol to deliver his State of the Union address.

“As I mentioned yesterday, Republicans will be listening with great interest to see where the President plans to take the country over the coming year. Some media outlets are already reporting that we’ll be subjected to another litany of left-wing proposals, with plenty of red meat for the President’s base. I hope not. The campaign is over, and the fact is, if the President plans to accomplish anything good for the country in the coming months, he’s going to have to go through a Republican-controlled House.

“So this morning I’d like to humbly suggest once again that it’s time for the President to reach out to Congress, including Republicans, and make divided government work. That’s how he’ll actually address the issues Americans are most concerned about right now. It’s the only way.

“The first thing many of us will be listening for tonight is the President’s plan for controlling spending and replacing the Obama sequester. The record is clear that the President and his aides came up with that sequester, and they got it, so it’s a little puzzling to see them now try to pass it off like a hot potato. Republicans have been very clear about the fact that we’d rather enact smarter spending cuts. House Republicans even voted on a plan – twice – to do just that, but Washington Democrats so far have failed to put forward a serious proposal of their own. They ignored the issue for more than a year before finally showing up to the debate last week with the usual gimmicks.

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