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Krauthammer: If Obama Wins Sequester Fight, He'll Complete His Agenda

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Obama has talked about pivoting back to the economy and I think his main objective right now, he's got to crisis coming up. That's going to be what's called the sequester, that is the automatic spending cuts agreed to in the debt ceiling deal of 2011 and that will make radical across the board cuts to the Pentagon and to domestic spending. The Republicans have decided that's their only leverage they have over Obama to make real cuts in spending, which the administration has shown no inclination to do.

I think what Obama wants to do is to go out as Juan indicated, campaign in the country against the Republican position. And I think he'll try to portray the Republicans as he did in the campaign as protecting the rich, protecting the tax loopholes that the the rich have, the big corporations and be willing to cut from Medicare, food stamps, et cetera. So his position is 'I represent the people, they represent ideology. I represent the folks and they he represent the rich.' He won the election on that kind of argument. He won on the fiscal cliff on that kind of argument.

If he came out to win the next round on the sequester, I think he will have weaken and fractured the Republican House in a way that will clear the way to his being the dominant actor in Washington for the next term and complete the agenda he started in years one and two that the Republican House had stopped in years three and four.

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