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Carson On Taxes: Have "Everybody Pay Into It, Not Just One Group Of People"

LARRY KUDLOW, CNBC: How about the scriptural referral to the flat tax, which I personally loved as a supply-sider? 10% sounds pretty good to me.

DR. BENJAMIN CARSON: Well, as I said, it doesn't necessarily have to be 10, we can vary the rate according to what we need. But here's the key, with the tithing system that God ordained everybody pay into it, not just one group of people. And the reason why that's so important, particularly with our system of government, is the government officials are not going to be so ready to raise tax rates if it affects everybody. If you can just take 1%, or 2% or 5% and you can sock it to them and tell everybody else, 'see what I'm doing to them and I'm your friend?' Then of course people are going to be saying, 'yeah, yeah, great.' But of course, that has nothing to do with fairness. That has to do with power and being a bully, that's just the opposite of being fair.


DR. CARSON: There were a lot of values that our Founding Fathers held. They weren't perfect people by an stretch of the imagination, but they believed in many of the principles that are articulated in the Bible. And now we've gotten to a place where we say, 'Yeah, this is what the Bible says, but that's just an old, silly Book. We don't really need to deal with that.' We're trying to redefine some of the basic pillars -- fundamental pillars of society, changing definitions of things, saying 'nothing matters.' And I'm all for being fair to everybody.

I have no problems with trying to be open-minded, but I don't want to changing the fundamental pillars of society in order to accommodate everyone. I don't think that's an appropriate way to manage things and if you continue to change your definitions, where do you stop? (Kudlow Report, February 11, 2013)

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