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FNC's Political Insiders On Brennan, Hagel, Benghazi, SOTU, Economy & Rubio

Doug Schoen, Pat Caddell and fmr. Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-NY) discuss Chuck Hagel's and John Brennan's confirmation hearings and the likelihood that they'll be confirmed, Benghazi, what Obama will say in his State of the Union address and what Sen. Marco Rubio should say in his response. (via Johnny Dollar)

PAT CADDELL on John Brennan's confirmation hearing: Two weeks ago, remember when [Obama and Clinton] went on '60 Minutes,' then we called it the biggest payoff in history? Now we know what it was. Because in that show, I remember suggesting to you that one of the [questions] that came out of Hillary's testimony that I found interesting to pursue was, what was the president doing? We now know the president wasn't engaged. They had a 5:15 meeting for 15 minutes -- that was preplanned -- he didn't talk to anyone, the Secretary of Defense, Clinton.

And by the way, and apparently according to Panetta, [Obama] talked to no one. And what we have is a foreign policy [that's] all coming apart now.


DOUG SCHOEN on Hagel/Brennan hearings: To me, the bottom line question that Pat [Caddell] raises, certainly Gregg [Jarrett] you raised with your question, is do we have a coherent foreign policy and national security policy? Not only vis-a-vis Iran and North Korean, but vis-a-vis the role of the United States in rooting out terrorism in North Africa. What are the role of drones? What is the role of human intelligence? I don't really think we have answers and the bottom line to what Pat says quite clearly is the Untied States, which had had an engaged president, now has a president who is so far been able to dodge hard questions, and the right questions. And now given these confirmation hearings, Gregg, those questions are coming to him and most particularly and directly, his nominees.


JOHN LEBOUTILLIER on foreign policy: The other story in this crisis -- and it's a political crisis of the management of foreign policy -- is the Republicans are at each other's throats over two distinct camps. One is the neocons, the ones who want to do drone strikes, assassinations, involve America more aggressively in Pakistan, Syria -- they did Libya -- they wanted this. And the more traditional Republicans who say a line that always works, which is America cannot be the world's policemen.

And Republicans are divided over this. What should the role of the United States be in foreign policy? And there is no answer coming out of the Republican camp, which allows Obama to dominate this stuff with no policy, he has no policy.


CADDELL on drones: This drone issue, though, has now popped up. The issue of whether the president can unilaterally just kill American citizens overseas, by himself with no other say so, whether we have any rights. You know, if this were George Bush -- remember what happened? They were just capturing people and interrogating them and waterboarding them, or whatever -- three people they waterboarded. This president has killed 4 Americans with drone strikes, including 16-year-old without any authorization.

The problem here is the vast hypocrisy of our system. We saw this in the Hagel hearings. Half the Democrats know, at least, that Chuck Hagel has no business being Defense Secretary. But not one will speak up. Every one is putting party ahead of country and we're seeing it on the most important thing, foreign policy. The press took a dive and is covering up so much of this stuff. We find out, today, that there's more stuff about whether or not there was agents in Benghazi, it's a real mess.

And Hagel said, by the way, that Israel -- it came out today that [he said] Israel was the problem, they had the bomb, they were the greatest threat, not Iran.

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