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"60 Minutes" Report On American Survivors Of Terror Attack In Algeria

Heart-pounding stories from three Americans who survived the al Qaeda attack on an Algerian gas facility that killed 37 foreign workers. Charlie Rose reports.

"60 Minutes" brings you up to date: Three weeks ago, al Qaeda fighters launched a bold, deadly attack on a gas processing plant in North Africa and killed 37 foreign workers. Survivors said the assault was well-planned and well-executed. Though details about the identities and motives of the invaders remain murky, the attack is evidence that the threat from al Qaeda is still potent. And the group's goal remains the same: to attack Americans and other Westerners where ever they may be, even on a barren patch of the Sahara desert. There were eight Americans at the Algerian gas plant when the terrorists struck. Three died. Five survived. Tonight you'll hear for the first time from three of them.

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