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Eastwood: If DC Doesn't "Give A Damn," Why Do They Expect Anybody Else To?

CLINT EASTWOOD: They were just dismissed and that was the end of it. And that's kind of-- it's almost like they don't give a damn. And so if they don't give a damn, why did they expect anybody else to? And obviously they'll-- you know, people get complacent and then things really go bad.

BECKY QUICK: That was an example though of a Democrat and a Republican working together. Simpson's a Republican, Bowles is a Democrat. Do you think there's room for that in Washington today?

CLINT EASTWOOD: Well, there is with those two guys. But-- they are probably smarter than most. But yeah, there's room for it. There has to be room for it. You've got-- Republicans-- in the majority of the House-- the House of Congress. And-- Senate is-- majority is-- Democrats. And--you've got the presidency. Somebody's got to give somewhere along the line. And if they don't give then it'll just be more of the same. Then we'll slip back into recession again which is what-- would be very worrisome this time.

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