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Schultz: Drone Rules Don't Meet "Moral Or Constitutional Standard"

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Ed Schultz talks to his panelists about President Obama's use of drones to kill terror suspects, including Americans.

ED SCHULTZ: I have to say, as an American citizen, we are all entitled to due process under the law. And this document gives the president the ability to act as judge, jury and executioner. I’m troubled by it. It doesn’t meet the moral or the constitutional standard that we expect of any administration, and I have to say that liberals have come certainly a long way to crying about the FISA court and the Patriot Act and listening in on conversations to literally taking out innocent people around the world. We’re losing the moral high ground by doing this, and even more troubling, there are people in Washington who are ominously silent and not questioning this process and willing to stand behind the legal opinion of the Justice Department. This is President Obama’s legacy right now. It is dangerous.

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