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S.E. Cupp: Why Do Super Bowl Halftime Shows Have To Be Overly Sexual?

S.E. Cupp wonders why Super Bowl halftime shows, like Beyonce’s amazing yet sexually-charged performance, have to be so overly sexualized and tells us that whether the audience liked it or not, “we are all the collective lap” being danced on during the halftime show. Cupp's full commentary available here:

She isn’t alone in her approach. Madonna, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson–they all offer skimpily clad lap dances, and whether we asked for it or not, we are the collective lap.

Fun for some, I’m sure. But Super Bowl producers should know that women are also watching. So are dudes who like dudes. So are old people. And so are children.

Sex appeal is all some performers have. But Beyonce is no half-talent pop tart. It struck me as odd that someone so immensely talented would choose to make her sex appeal the main attraction.

Watching her sing “Single Ladies,” her ode to female empowerment and self-worth, while humping the stage and flashing her lady bits to the camera, was a strange, sad commentary. Doesn’t she know that she’s too good for that?

Look, I don’t need to see Beethoven’s 9th symphony performed at the Super Bowl. But are my only options aging rock stars or nearly-naked strip teases? Krystal has suggested Adele might be a good choice. Steve wants to bring back the tradition of marching bands. Toure wants to see Jay-Z and Kanye. But he says more Beyonce never hurt anyone.

I realize we might be too far gone to book the wholesome and corny “Up with People” kids from the halftimes of the 70s and 80s. But the Super Bowl halftime show should just be fun, the kind of fun all audiences and the whole family can enjoy. Now get off my lawn!

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