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Rove: Group Will Back "Most Conservative Candidate Who Can Win"

Karl Rove explains that his new PAC Conservative Victory Project will back the most conservative who can win in an attempt to prevent future "Todd Akin problems."

KARL ROVE: This is not to protect incumbent Republicans, it's to get in races where it is important to have a winning candidate. It's to try and find the most conservative candidate who can win, the so-called Buckley rule. Our job is not to protect incumbents, it's to win races by stopping the practice of giving away some of the seats like we did in Missouri and in Indiana this past year and that may mean telling the incumbent Republican that if he is going be in the race he shouldn't expect any funds from Crossroads n the general election.


ROVE: Our object is not to be for the establishment, it's to be for the most conservative candidate who can win and if we were involved in 2009, and 2010, and primaries, I would suspect we would have been involved on behalf of Marco Rubio because he was the most conservative candidate who could win. This is not Tea Party versus establishment.

I think it's interesting. The groups that have most gone out with their little e-mails and their fundraising pitches are groups that are not like Crossroads, in that they are fundraising entities where most of the money gets sucked up into overhead and goes into the pocket of the person who owns the website or owns the political action committee. Remember, I'm a volunteer, I don't take a dime from Crossroads. We raised $328 million last year and Haley Barbour and I are not on a salary, we don't get a percentage of the money. I paid my own expenses. (Hannity, February 5, 2013)

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