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Sen. Reid: "I Want To Get Something Done On Guns"

STEPHANOPOULOS: You've been supported by the NRA in the past. You support the Second Amendment, as you said, but one of your colleagues, Senator Bill Nelson, has said that they've become extremists, that they're more representing gun manufacturers than the majority of gun owners. Do you agree with that?

REID: George, I've been supported by the NRA on occasion. I know Wayne LaPierre. He's always been extremely pleasant to me. We have a good relationship. So I -- I am not here to demean the organization.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But they are resisting almost everything you've talked about and we've talked about here, everything the president has called for.

REID: George, just because they resist it doesn't mean we can't do things. I mean, we have a lot of special interest groups that come and complain about things, and we don't listen to them. We'll listen to them and make the right decision.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But will you commit to getting something done?

REID: Yes, I definitely want to do something with immigration for sure, and I want to get something done on guns.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Then we've got the big issues...

REID: And, George, but let's not limit this conversation only to guns. There are other issues, very important in this issue, mental health. I mean, gee whiz, we've got to do something on that. That's certainly the truth.

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