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Bernie Goldberg On Media Coverage Of Sen. Menendez Hooker Allegations

Bernie Goldberg analyzes the lack of media coverage of allegations that Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) was involved with prostitutes on the Monday broadcast of FOX News' "The O'Reilly Factor."

Goldberg says even if the claim, which can only be corroborated by hookers, turns out to be true he wouldn't cover it. However, Goldberg says now that the FBI is investigating it, it makes the story newsworthy.

"If I were in charge of one of the networks and I got a tip that Menendez was involved with adult prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, where prostitution is legal, I would not cover the story," Goldberg said. "No interest whatsoever. Unless a politician is spouting from the Bible and telling us how much family values means to him, it's of no interest with me."

"Here's where it gets even trickier," Goldberg explained. "If I got a tip from a shady source and it was 'backed up' by two prostitutes in the Dominican Republic that he was involved with underage hookers, I wouldn't cover that either."

"I know nothing about these sources, and I'm not going to go on the air or in print with such an explosive allegation, unless I know who the sources are and if I know that they're telling the truth for sure," Goldberg said.

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