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Reid On Bob Menendez: "I Have Confidence He Did Nothing Wrong"

STEPHANOPOULOS: Your incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Robert Menendez, the Ethics Committee is now reviewing his relationship with a major contributor out of Florida. It appears the FBI is investigating that relationship, as well. Are you comfortable with him serving as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as these investigations continue?

REID: He was a leader in the House. He's been a leader in the Senate. He's chairman of that committee. He'll do a wonderful job. And he's also an integral part of what we do with immigration reform. So I have the utmost confidence in him. As to the rest of the investigation, that will have to be handled the way they're all handled around here, in-depth, and the Ethics Committee are in the paper today. They're taking a look at it. So that's -- that'll have to work...


STEPHANOPOULOS: There are some relatively allegations here. Are you confident he did nothing wrong?

REID: Oh, I have confidence he did nothing wrong, but that's what investigations are all about.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you're fine with him serving while the investigation goes forward?

REID: Oh, sure. He's -- he will -- he has been and will be a great member of that committee.

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