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Matthews On Hagel Hearing: "The Boiling Hatred Of The American Right Poured Over"

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me start tonight with this, the boiling hatred of the American right poured over today in hearings on Chuck Hagel's nomination to be Secretary of Defense. Hatred, pure and simple, seeped from the mouths of John McCain and Lindsey Graham as they slashed away at war hero Hagel. Badgering the witness is too nice of a description of what went on today. The hawks swirled like buzzards, sweeping down, pecking and pulling at the skin of a former colleague who dared to say this country's been too ready to enter wars the American people quickly wish we'd never gotten into.

What's with this hatred now centered in the American sunbelt. What do we make of this poll showing two out of three Texas Republicans now want our president impeached? Why the cussedness? Why the range war? Why the hatred of anyone who dares to stand with Obama? Why can't politics be a matter of belief and honest disagreement, not hatred? Why the sick little intramurals we saw today? (Hardball, January 31, 2013)

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