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TIME's Richard Stengel: "Obama Is The Drone President"

TIME's Rick Stengel joins Morning Joe to discuss the rise of drones in the United States and their civilian use. Stengel argues that while their use in the U.S. now is very small, it is projected to grow in the future.

STENGEL: The number of actual approvals for big civilian drones is actually quite small. They are expensive but of course they are less expensive than using a manned vehicle. It’s going to start growing. And of course, as you can shrink them, and they have this camera now that from 20,000 feet you can see something as small as 6 inches, they’re going to be used in a very, very wide way.

And of course there are privacy issues, drones have been used by the police to see, for example, whether you’re growing marijuana in your backyard, but then you could have a little drone outside your window to see if you were smoking it your bedroom too. The Supreme Court has allowed, in fact, a plane to observe whether you’re growing marijuana in your backyard. There’ll be 14th Amendment issues and that will be interesting. There’s going to be one over Joe’s head. Seeing what he’s doing all day long.

STENGEL: President Obama is the Drone President, basically. He’s using the technology way, way ore than George Bush did. But there are legal issues. There are international law issues. Why wouldn't a foreign power use drones over here to someone that that their court says is a terrorist who is operating in the United States?

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