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Senator Harry Reid: "We Are In A Recovery"

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NEVADA): Mr. President, just a brief comment on my friend, the Republican Leader's, statement. He continues bad-mouthing the recovery. We are in a recovery. The moral of the fourth quarter is a repudiation of the Republican playbook. Growth went down in the fourth quarter because of reduced government spending, and a resonance of the private sector as Congress fought over the fiscal cliff, and that fight came as a result of the Republicans being so unreasonable. We were finally able to work something out that was a compromise and that was good for the economy. The economy was rejecting the austerity and brinksmanship. So let's hope the Republicans will understand that we have to move forward, that the Republican playbook of continual complaining about spending is something – we know we have to do something with spending, we understand that – but there’s more to making our economy recover than just continually harping on what’s going on with spending. Mr. President, everyone recognizes that we have to do something with spending. We also have to do something to have a fair program. Is it really fair at this point, that all the spending cuts have come from non-defense spending? The answer is no.

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