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Carney Pressed About Hagel Calling Government Of Iran "Legitimate"

White House press secretary Jay Carney is grilled by the press corps about Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel's comment that the government of Iran is "legitimate."

JESSICA YELLIN, CNN: In the hearing going on on Capitol Hill right now, Senator Hagel has been taking some tough questions. With regard to something he said, does the President believe the government of Iran is legitimately elected?

CARNEY: I’m sorry, say that again.

YELLIN: Does the President believe the government of Iran is legitimate and elected?

CARNEY: I think our views on the last president election were clearly expressed, and our views on the behavior of the regime in Tehran are expressed again and again and again. The fact is, we judge Iran by its behavior. Not by its words, but by its actions. And they are consistently in violation of their United Nations obligations, their international obligations. And because of that, they are enduring the most intense sanctions regime in history. That has had a dramatic impact on their economy, as well as on their politics. And that pressure will continue and it will increase as long as Tehran refuses to live up to its obligations with regard to its nuclear program.

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