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Carney Grilled About Obama Ditching White House Jobs Council

White House press secretary Jay Carney is grilled about President Obama's decision to not renew the White House Jobs Council.

QUESTION: You keep talking about a two-year charter, but if he hasn’t met with it for a year--

CARNEY: I think I’ve answered your question. I appreciate the fact that you are more concerned with meeting than with progress. And there is no dispute over the fact that when this president took office, the economy was cratering, the economy shrank, in the quarter before he was sworn into office, in the 4th quarter of 2008, by nearly 9 percent. That is catastrophic, ok? Jobs were lost at a rate of 750,000 per month when he took office. There is no disputing the economic cold, hard facts that because of the policies that this president pursued, that kind of economic decline was reversed. And that is the measure of your commitment to job creation and economic growth. And the president greatly appreciates the work that the Jobs Council has done, the ideas that they’ve put forward, many of which, the administration adopted. And he looks forward to his engagement with the business community going forward on a variety of issues, many of which I have enumerated.

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