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Greg Gutfeld On "Lifestyle Penalties" In Obamacare

GREG GUTFELD: So with the high cost of caring for the sick now shouldered by us all -- thank you, Obamacare -- experts say society must now wrestle with whether to let the sick live or die. A recent AP story interviews bioethicists about how to treat fat people. 'Your freedom is likely to be someone else's harm,' said one expert. I wonder if he would say the same thing about free love or mountain climbing?

Anyway, now it's time to start shaming the obese since they cost us billions in medical care. Where is this headed? Well, if government pays for your healthcare, then they can decide who lives and dies based on what behavior they dislike. If you can not be penalized to lose weight, then to quote the piece, '… why not just let these health sinners die? Annual health care costs are roughly $96 billion for smokers and $147 billion for the obese, the government says.' And that's the big point: the government says. When everyone else pays for your care, withholding care is their call. Your death improves the bottom line.

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