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Hillary Clinton: Health Won't "Factor In At All" In Decision To Run For President

In an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell, outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says her recent health scare would not “factor in at all” in her decision process on a possible presidential run in 2016.

ANDREA MITCHELL: How much will health, your own personal health -- we know that you had at least two clots -- how does that factor into a decision about whether you run for President and all the flying that it entails?

SECRETARY HILLARY CLINTON: Well it doesn't factor in at all. I mean, you know that, I have no doubt that I am healthy enough and my stamina is great enough and I'll be fully recovered to do whatever I choose to do. But I don't have any decisions made. I have no real plans to make any such decisions. I'm looking forward to some very quiet time catching up on everything from sleep, to reading, to walking, with my family. I think it’s hard to imagine for me what it will be like next week when I wake up and I have nowhere to go. Maybe I'll go back to sleep for a change!

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