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O'Reilly Interviews Powell About Obama, Economy & Racial Politics

Retired Gen. Colin Powell talks to Bill O'Reilly about President Obama, immigration, the economy and how to convince minorities to vote Republican.

"You have to understand the impact this has on minorities throughout our country; and if you want to appeal to these people, if you want to bring them to the Republican Party and give them a reason to vote Republican, you have to avoid this kind of language which can infuriate people," Powell said to O'Reilly when asked about language used by Republicans he thought stroke a racial chord.

"You keep saying they’re appealing to their base, they’re speaking to their people. I think they have to speak to a larger group of people for the Republican Party to get back on the right track," Powell also said.

"There's a lot of things the party has to look in the mirror at and say is this who we want to be?" Powell asked.

O'Reilly finished the interview by asking Powell if he is angry with Republicans because they made him look bad after his presentation about weapons of mass destruction to the United Nations.

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