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January 29, 2013 Archives

Piers Morgan vs. Wisconsin Sheriff Who Told Citizens To Arm Themselves
O'Reilly Interviews Powell About Obama, Economy & Racial Politics
Krauthammer: Senate Immigration Proposal Is Essentially "Instant Legalization"
Rush Limbaugh Interviews Sen. Marco Rubio About Immigration Plan
Hillary Clinton: Health Won't "Factor In At All" In Decision To Run For President
Greg Gutfeld On "Lifestyle Penalties" In Obamacare
MSNBC's Goldie Taylor Slams "Disastrous Social Engineering" In Welfare
Obama Pushes Immigration Reform In Las Vegas: "Now Is The Time"
Mark Levin: Obama Not Destroying GOP, Republican Establishment Is
Rendell: If Hillary Decides To Run, Obama Will Have To Tell Biden To Step Aside
MSNBCer Chides "Crazy Crackers On The Right" Using "Hateful Language"
Lindsey Graham On Benghazi: Hillary Clinton "Got Away With Murder"
Hillary Clinton: We Performed Diplomacy "In A Different Way"
Steve Kroft On Why Obama Appears On 60 Minutes: "I Think He Knows That We're Not Going To Play Gotcha With Him"
Dem Senator: Spending Is Only Out Of Control On FOX News
Piers Morgan Battles Dana Loesch On Right To Bear Arms Again
MSNBC's Toure: "Abortion Was There To Save Me"
Karl Rove On Bobby Jindal's Assessment Of GOP: "He Is Right"
Chris Matthews: "People That Believe In Border Protection" Are "Right-Wingers Or Idiots"
Jon Stewart Rips Criticism Of Women Serving Combat Roles In Military
Obama Car Czar: "We Are, In Effect, Stealing From Our Children"
CNN's Erin Burnett On Obama's Skeet Shooting Claim: "Prove It"
Gore Explains Sale Of Current: "I Certainly Understand That Criticism"
O'Reilly: National Media Doesn't Care About Benghazi
Dionne: GOP Loses Votes Because Of "Restrictionist Position" On Immigration
Robinson: The GOP Is Dealing With "Internal Contradictions"
Sen. Marco Rubio Explains Immigration Plan

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