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Scarborough: Palin Represented A Time In Politics That Is Passing Us

MSNBC: The Morning Joe panel -- including the Council on Foreign Relations' Richard Haass, fmr. Gov Ed Rendell, and NBC News' Andrea Mitchell -- discusses fmr. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's exit from FOX News after three years as a paid contributor.

Scarborough: What I'm saying is: Sarah Palin represented a time and place in American politics -- and not 2008 so much as 2010. And that time is passing us very quickly. Party leaders are finally understanding that. And, you know, Roger Ailes saw this coming well before the 2012 election. He realized what had gone wrong. Not only at his network, but also in the Conservative movement, the Republican party. He was running out talking to Chris Christie saying, "get in this race. You can save this party." And Ailes was right.

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