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David Brooks: "Smart Republicans Like Jindal Understand The Problem"

JEFFREY BROWN, PBS NEWSHOUR: Did you follow the -- Bobby Jindal down there gave a speech last he. He said, we're fighting the wrong fight. And that is one side of what Mark is talking about.

DAVID BROOKS: Right. Yes, the Jindal speech is actually interesting, because I think it is a sign that a lot of Republicans, a lot of smart Republicans like Jindal understand the problem.

But the Jindal speech is still -- it's as if your -- conservatives have learned to speak a special language within themselves about government and about, you know, attacking the liberal media, all the normal code words.

And so Jindal said some smart things in the abstract. We got to stop being a stupid party. We have got to try to talk to outsiders.

But he is still locked within the prism of those code words. And so does he tell a story about what it's like to be a waitress in Ohio or what it's like to be a struggling Hispanic worker in Texas? He doesn't talk that language. It's all about government, it's all about term limits. It's the old code words.

So it is actually very hard to get outside the mental framework you have grown up in. And the party is still stuck in that framework, and I imagine it will be for months and maybe even years.

It takes pain to force yourself. The key -- it's not genius. If you want to win elections, you have to get people who didn't vote for to you vote for you. And so focusing in and listening to those people who didn't vote for you is the step. And Republicans still haven't taken that step. The people who are not already in your community, what are they saying? That's a step.

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