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Bill Maher Rips Takers: "There Are A Lot Of Dirtbags In This Country"

On Friday's broadcast of HBO's "Real Time," host Bill Maher made a surprising ideological deviation and expressed his irritation of "takers" in America. Maher, who by no means is attached to liberal orthodoxy and has taken libertarian positions in the past, opined "there are a lot of dirtbags in this country." Maher disapproved of the number 47%, but ultimately settled on 23.5% because that is the exact number between 47 and 0.

After reading off statistics about the number of people on SSI disability, Maher concluded this isn't a sustainable proposition.

"It just seems like there are less people pulling the wagon and more people in the wagon. And at some point the wagon is going to break," he said. Transcript below.

BILL MAHER: What [Obama] did was, he was talking about the 47%, kind of, because he was talking about the 'takers.' I can't remember what his exact quote was, but he basically was talking about when Mitt Romney, during the campaign, talked about the 47%. And, of course, to get to that number of 47% who don't pay federal taxes, that's what he was talking about, you have to include veterans and retirees. Okay.

So, basically what Mitt Romney was saying was, you know, 'these spongers, these grifters, these people I wouldn't piss on if their ass was on fire because they don't pay in.' But it's not really 47%. Here's my question -- it's not 0% either, takers. I mean there are a lot of dirtbags in this country. And I think it's somewhere in between 47 and 0. I think we should split the difference and say we have 23.5% dirtbags in America. I do. Like the Octomom. California pays -- we pay to feed and clothe and spay and neuter her children and she's not giving back to society.


MAHER: Listen to this about disability, people who take disability, who are on disability. In 1968, it was 51 to 1, people on disability to people who worked. In 2001, not that long ago, it was 23 to 1. Now it's 13 to 1. 13 to 1, who are on disability. Of course, some of that is real. We are an overworked, overstressed, polluted, ripped off and lied to people. I mean, obviously there are some people who really do have disability. But 13 to 1, you know, it just seems like there are less people pulling the wagon and more people in the wagon. And at some point the wagon is going to break.

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