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Tapper On Hillary's Outburst: Exhaustion Taking "Strong Emotional Toll" On Her

CNN's Jake Tapper reports on how exhaustion may be responsible for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emotional outburst at a Senate hearing on Benghazi today.


BLITZER: Were you surprised she got as emotional as she did in discussing the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the others?

TAPPER: No, because she has been reaching out directly to these individuals, and of course, these were people who were killed on her watch at the State Department. She went through a list early in her testimony of all the individuals who had been killed at diplomatic compounds, and you have to remember, of course, unlike soldiers, who there is inherently a risk of the threat of life or death, a lot of diplomatic people, we don't perceive them as putting their lives at risk. We think, oh, they work for the State Department, their job is not as dangerous. And it's not true. And people like Secretary Clinton have now learned that firsthand. She, of course, knew that because of her time working with her husband in Bill Clinton's administration, all of those diplomatic people, personnel, killed in the embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. But the other point to make is, from sources close to her, this really did take a very, very strong emotional toll on her and in addition to an exhausting job, I think it probably its part and parcel of the exhaustion that we've seen that she's been suffering from.

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