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Hoyer: We Ought To Extend Debt Limit For Six Years Or Eliminate It

"I want to say to the Speaker before he leaves the floor, I believe the Speaker wants to get to a responsible agreement between our parties, between the House and the Senate and between the Congress and the President on getting to a responsible way to reduce the budget. This bill is not that vehicle. This bill, in my view, is an irresponsible waste of our time. This bill does not do what Republicans said they wanted to do over and over and over again. That is: give a sense of certainty to our economy, to our people, and to the international community," Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) said on the House floor today.

"This bill kicks the can down the road for 90 days," Hoyer explained. "One more time. This bill simply puts a leverage point, another 90 days away, we can continue to roil. This bill is a gimmick. It was cooked up a few miles from here when, frankly, the Majority party said: 'We're in trouble. The people don't like us. Things aren't going well. How do we fix it?' Well they came up with this gimmick. And the gimmick was, you don't vote the way we want you to vote, we won't pay you."

"What we ought to be doing is extending this debt limit for one to four or six years, or eliminating it altogether. When you spend money it has nothing to do with the debt limit and everything to do with the actions of the Congress. I yield back," Hoyer also said.

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