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Carney: White House Welcomes Short-Term Deal To Raise Debt Ceiling

JULIE PACE, ASSOCIATED PRESS: Thank you. I know last week you said that you were encouraged by the House Republicans’ decision to move forward on a debt ceiling package, but I'm wondering if you support the specific proposal that they’re going to vote on tomorrow, this three-month extension.

JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Let me say a couple of things about that. First, the President has always been clear that it is not good for the economy to raise the debt ceiling in increments or short- term periods, that what we support is a long-term raising of the debt ceiling so that we don't have any doubt or uncertainty for businesses or the global economy about the simple proposition that the United States always pays its bills.

Having said that, what we saw happen last week was significant, in our view. The House Republicans made a decision to back away from the kind of brinksmanship that was very concerning to the markets, very concerning to business, very concerning to the American people -- the simple proposition that they would insist on cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, in return for doing their job, paying their bills. That was obviously something the President could not and would not support. That’s why he made clear he would not negotiate over the debt ceiling. So the fact that the House Republicans have made this decision is certainly something that we welcome.

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