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Carney: Biden "Focused On His Work As Vice President"

White House press secretary Jay Carney is asked about Vice President Joe Biden's presidential aspirations.

Carney: I don't doubt it will happen. I think the Vice President got this question in an interview and addressed it. Got this question and addressed it. And his focus is, and I know this because I do know him. And I worked for him. And I've spoken to him recently. He is focused on the job of helping this president and helping this administration achieve that goals that the president has put forward. That is his work. He is very committed to his work. You saw that demonstrated most recently in his exceptional effort in a very short period of time to put forward to the president the recommendations on how to reduce the gun violence; an effort that he led and that his staff led on the president's behalf. That's the vice president's focus. And his own words. And I think he's -- it was when I worked for him, it was throughout the first term, it is now. As he said, other considerations are for the future. He's focused on his work as the vice president -- as the secretary of state.

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