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Krauthammer: Romney Lost Because He Was Not A "Conservative Alternative" To Obama

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think your theory, and there are two, is that we get the government we deserve, that Obama reflects a change in sort of the political ideology of the country. As the country has become more dependent -- more people receiving the benefits of government -- that there is a lot more people who want to suck on the teat of the state, if I can say that on your show, give a little spice to it. And that's one theory, it's certainly true of Europe, and that is where we are headed. The question you are asking, I think, is are we there?

I don't think that the 2012 elections is a definitive test of your proposition. And the reason is Obama did not have a opponent who presented a coherent and strong argument for let's say the Reaganite perspective of smaller government, less taxes, less dependency. You know, Romney was a good man but he basically ran on the economy, lousy economy, we need a new CEO in washington. It didn't work. I think we will get a good test of this in 2016.

We're going to have the four years of Obama's hyper-liberalism, the kind of stuff he elucidated and enunciated yesterday in the inaugural address. And I would say that if our ideology, conservative, small government ideology is correct, it will leave a mess behind.

But we will also need as conservatives, Republicans if you like, a standard bearer in 2016 who can make the case. And there is not a dearth of them. We have a very strong bench. We've got Ryan, we've got Rubio, we've got the Governors, there is a whole young generation of conservatives who can make the case. That will be the test. Although, I will say that if liberals keep winning elections, then your theory of a fundamental change in the change of the electorate and the sense of dependency at which point it becomes a point of no return would be right. I'm just saying we don't know and history will tell us rather soon.


KRAUTHAMMER: You are saying why would they elect the guy who is the engineer of Obamacare? Because the alternative is the guy who did RomeyCare. [H]e never offered a strong conservative alternative. If you had run a Reagan, who I admit is exceptional in his charisma and be able to explain things. But Reagan would have won. Those were [the] conditions that Republicans lost the election, and they lost it because they couldn't make the case. The case is there to be made. And they need a candidate who will make it. I think the country would respond.

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