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Valerie Jarrett: Obama's Cabinet Will Be Diverse When He's Finished

GLORIA BORGER, CNN: So, you just mentioned two key women in the president's cabinet, but you know the president has been under fire lately for not having enough women in top positions. There's that famous picture, Valerie, where your leg was showing, but that was about the only female part we saw in that photograph. Can you tell us a little bit about the president's concern about promoting more women to key jobs?

VALERIE JARRETT: Look, the president has been surrounded by strong women throughout his entire life. Raised by a single mom, lived for a while with his grandmother, who was a great role model for him. Obviously married to a very competent wife, and his first cabinet reflected the diversity of our country, and he put women in charge of key initiatives, such as Nancy Ann DeParle, his deputy chief of staff, who helped craft the Affordable Care Act, and now Kathleen Sebelius is implementing it. His cabinet, when he's finished -- and he's far from finished -- will have diversity, including women, including people of color.

He believes he makes his best decisions when he is surrounded by people who have different perspectives and give him their best ideas. And so, one picture does not speak a thousand words in this instance. I spent a lot of time in the Oval Office, and I'm in there with a great number of women who he listens to, and whose counsel and advice he trusts greatly.

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