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Progressive Dem Congressman: We Will Hold Obama's Feet To The Fire

ED SCHULTZ, MSNBC: Historical importance of today's speech in your opinion?

REP. KEITH ELLISON (D-MINN.): It is a speech for the ages. I really believe that. It was inspiring, it was informative, it set a bold vision. And in my view, it is going to set a template for the next four years.

SCHULTZ: What about the progressive caucus? Going to hold the president's feet to the fire?

ELLISON: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: He is not up for reelection now. What are your expectations?

ELLISON: The progressive caucus's role is not to be a cheerleader, nor to be an opponent of the president. It is to uphold progressive values no matter what the weather may be. And if he is doing good, we're going to back him; if he is deviating, we're going to call him, just like we said 'Hey, man, knock off that Chained CPI talk.'

But now today we're happy about what he is saying about supporting the big three. So it's not our job to cheerlead, but it is our job to hold him to the values. And today he lived up to our expectations.

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