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Howard Fineman: Obama's Speech Was An "Action Plan"

MSNBC political analyst Howard Fineman shares his reaction to President Barack Obama’s inaugural speech and discusses how the administration plans to handle GOP obstructionists.

RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC: I understand you have some reporting from inside the Obama camp today in terms of their the way forward.

HOWARD FINEMAN, HUFFINGTON POST: I think the key, Rachel, is this speech about an action plan and in order to get it through the Congress, the Obama Administration is going to rely, to a greater degree than ever, on the outside mechanisms that they built to win the campaign. The huge organizational effort made and the independent expenditure effort they made.

I was speaking right after the inauguration ceremony to Frank Greer, one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and important Democratic consultants who was one of the people in charge of that independent expenditure effort and he told me he's going to be talking with Jim Messina, the political guy who helped run the campaign, about targeting individual Republican members whom they regard as obstructionist as the president seeks to carry out his agenda.

In other words, using the power that they built up in the campaign not only to push in general for their legislation, and you outlined the priorities, but to take on in a really in the trenches kind of way individual Republicans that they regard as obstructing the president's agenda. You heard the president almost by name calling out the Republicans using that phrase, you are, we are not takers. It is not taking to pursue the agenda we're pursuing. It's something that helps everybody. That was a shot across the bow of Paul Ryan and the other people the President is going to take on.

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