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Dan Rather: "I Don't Care Whether You're Republican, Democrat... It's A Day Where You Have To Say What A Country"

DAN RATHER: What a day for the country. One can be blasé about a lot. We can't be blasé about a day like this, where a reelected person of color becomes President of the United States for another four years. Listen, I don't care whether you're Republican, Democrat, Mugwump, whatever, it's a day where you have to say what a country.

RACHEL MADDOW: I had said that there's no precedent for exactly the way the president is planning on spending his second term. Obviously, every presidency is different, political strategy evolves over time as presidents evolve over time. Is this president planning something that is materially different than anybody else has done, in terms of cementing his legacy and accomplishing his goals for his second term in office?

RATHER: Well, no president that -- I tried to do some research on this this afternoon. I don't find any precedent for this at all. And it's a very smart move. What he's trying to do is take what he learned -- what he and those around him learned -- during the election and put it into effect, not just for his legacy, but his agenda and what he hopes to accomplish in a second term.

He made it clear today, in his second inaugural address, that he's playing for the long term; he's playing for history. We talked before about he has a chance in the second term to dare to be great. And what he wants to do, and I think this organization, if it actually materializes and it's as effective as possible, it will be -- if it's half as effective as his presidential campaign -- it will be a tremendous help to him on such things. And he mentioned all of these today in his inaugural address: immigration, climate change, gay rights -- first president in an inaugural address to mention gay rights -- he spent some time on climate change, immigration.

These are the builders for his historic record, also for the good of the country as he sees it. Now, to accomplish those things, in the face of what has been and continues to this moment, basically an obstructionist opposition party, the Republican party, he's going to need all the organization he can muster. And to get that organization, of course, he has to have money. So to get the money they establish this nonprofit. (The Rachel Maddow Show, January 21, 2013)

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