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Chuck Todd: Obama Speech About Moving Country Toward Liberalism

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS: I think you heard in the inaugural address today in the way that President Obama believes Ronald Reagan mainstreamed the conservative movement in the 1980s, that one of the things he wants his presidency to do is to basically mainstream the liberal progressive movement in the same way, so if the country is, say, center or center right, you can have this argument that when he leaves that he has mainstreamed it and moved the country more center left. And I think you heard that.

It was a robust defense of a lot of progressive ideals in a way, and, yes, you heard pragmatic pieces to the speech saying, you know, we're not going to get everything we want, things like that, we do need to learn to compromise. It was pretty clear that he was defending government and defending progressivism in a way that you didn't always hear on the campaign trail, frankly.

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