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Sen. Blunt: Obama Needs To Legislate "Realistically" In Second Term

CHRIS WALLACE, "FOX NEWS SUNDAY" MODERATOR: What about the White House argument, Senator, that you, congressional Republicans, have done everything you can to block his agenda?

SEN. ROY BLUNT (R-MISSOURI): I just -- I think the greater historic argument would be that he has not really done much to advance a specific agenda. He speaks in general terms, he likes the executive order approach, a whole lot better than the legislative approach and you really can't get all that far with executive orders. You've got to get -- you've got to legislate and you've got to legislate realistically. You've got to realize you don't control the entire Congress.

It takes three entities to get a bill passed into law and, you've got to come up with something that a Democrat House -- a Democrat Senate and a Republican House, and the White House, can, at the end of the day, be for. Or you just continue to kind of patch things together, in ways that don't come up with real solutions.

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