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Scarborough: Gerrymandering Delivered The House To The Republicans

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The-- the vision that-- that Republicans have to speak to the middle class concerns. And it’s not just about the debt, even though that’s the issue that personally matters the most to me. This party has been getting smaller and smaller and smaller. William F. Buckley in the 1960s at some point had to start defining the boundaries of conservatism. And so what he did he do? He went after the John Birch Society. He went after Ayn Rand. He went after George Wallace. That has to happen again with this party because it’s getting smaller and smaller. In this debate, we actually have conservative thinkers, talking about Ronald Reagan being a RINO, a Republican in Name Only, because he supported an assault weapons ban. It-- they-- they-- they keep pushing themselves closer and closer to the cliff.

And well, I just got to say one other really important point because I’ve made a mistake over the past month talking about how Republicans have also won a majority in the House. As this article-- I was-- I was referencing mentioned, we actually got a minority of votes nationwide in House races. It was just gerrymandering from 2010…

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