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Santorum On GOP Position On Gun Control: "We Should Stick To Our Guns"

STEPHANOPOULOS: How do you think Republicans should play this?

SANTORUM: Oh, I think we should stick to our guns. And, you know, George reminded me of something I said to him back in '94 when I ran for the Senate in Pennsylvania. He said, how am I going to win? And I said, "Guns."

I don't think -- I think it's an even more important issue for people today, given the increasing level of violence in our society, people feel unsafe. And having a gun and gun ownership is part of how people can feel safer.

And when you look at the -- in my opinion, the disingenuousness of the administration, they met with the NRA. As you know, Joe Biden did. And the NRA brought up the fact that prosecutions for gun crimes and prosecutions for people who fill out -- who lie on their registration forms or gun forms are down under this administration. The vice president responded, we don't have time to devote to seeing whether people fill out a form right.

Well, wait a minute. They're asking for more forms and they're saying they don't have the time to fill out -- to check what -- what is -- is -- are they serious about this? Or is this just about politics?

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