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Gergen: Country Would Be "Comfortable" With Biden As President

"I thought that was a sweet moment," CNN contributor and presidential adviser David Gergen said this morning about the swearing in of Vice President Biden. "There was something about that, just seemed to work very well for everybody. And to go back to Candy's (Crowley) point, he is very comfortable with himself and increasingly, I think the country is very comfortable with him, which is very important in a vice president."

"If you look at the approval ratings now, various people in Washington, he's just below President Obama. And I think there's a sense in the country, Jeffrey's (Toobin) point, that he is -- that he is a serious enough man, he has this warmth but he's also serious. So that something might happen to President Obama, God forbid, that the country would be comfortable with having him as the Commander in Chief and as the president," Gergen added.

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